If I Jumped Off A Cliff Would You Follow?

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For those of you whose answer is automatically no, you don’t know what you may be missing. For one thing: My Rhetorical cliff may be fun. I am talking about the cliff of my life. The struggles I am on to become a professional writer. There are others like m and you already started the ride. Just afraid to jump off and hang on the edge of your seat with us. Maybe you should reconsider, here is why.

Jumping off a cliff in this sense means you’re taking a stab at supporting, sharing, going along for, and celebrating the end of a successful journey. The cliff itself is the ride to the top and not the fall to the bottom. Besides that leap could be fun too. That’s what I meant by jumping off a cliff.

I know some of you are afraid, yeah I said it. Our parents instilled fear about jumping off the cliff with your friends. To be honest I don’t blame them because I saw where some people end up. So kudos to our parents! Only problem is fear has a funny way of being as twisted as the word itself in reference to its root word: Love. See fear has its place: Out of our minds and lives. When asked that question a better answer would be; it depends on what’s at the bottom.

Ever heard the Phrase: Look before you leap. You should apply that term to your conceptualization when asked if you’d jump off a cliff with someone. Just don’t look too long or you give fear a legitimate chance to creep in as it always does. I would recommend finding your local artist and jumping off the cliff with them. You never know, you could be the very reason they become successful.

There you have some of it. Our Cliffs are fun. The next time you’re asked if you would jump off a cliff with someone think critically about it. That cliff may be the adventure you have been waiting for your whole life (Reminds me of “Just a kiss” by Lady Antabellum). You may even find other things along the way. Take that leap! Find an author, artist, and local person struggling to hang on and jump. You are the beginning and end of our success after all. And we need you from the jump, not just when someone else says we have made it.

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