Learn Something from Everything

While reading a post by Blog a Novel; great reads by the way, I realized something. I was learning something new. It never sunk in as much when I completed Post fifteen as it did reading the blog by b.a.n. That lesson was that I could post anything I wanted, and I mean anything. The point here is not so much the freedom of my posts but that I learned something.

Each and everyday we interact with people, go places, run errands, and carry out actions that are beneficial to our experience as writers. Usually we are way too caught up in what we’re doing to notice. Not today I wasn’t.

After taking the lesson in and critically thinking it I paid attention to what I had been doing for work. I noticed something interesting. Each anf everyday I am exposed to a myriad of skills in demand at companies. It hit me that these experiences can be translated into work experience or used in my writing processes.

An interesting thing to note is that we control what we write on wordpress. We also control what we learn and what we incorporate in our writing. Specializing in any niche is not enough.

As bloggers and writers it is to us to decide our path. See we can create multiple blogs, which I am considering. At the same time we can incorporate relevant information in any of those blogs. That includes what we take the time to learn.

I know this is easier said than done, but even in hectic situations we need to slow things down and learn as we go along. When we write use those experiences and new lessons. Tell me about what you’ve learned recently. As for me, I learned I am always learning and never knew.


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