In The Words of…

I hate that statement! Passionately! Hate the concept just as much. The art of including quotes in your work to validate what you’re saying. That is the equivalent to saying someone doesn’t know what they’re saying unless some historical or famous figure says it o_O.

Schools, Colleges, Offices, and most everyone force this practice. In fact I did a great paper one day and refused to quote anyone. The result was and I quote (pun intended) “Well researched, relevant facts, thought provoking, and informative. ~ However it lacked proper citation.”

See although it made perfect sense, the only thing that mattered was that I didn’t quote somebody. To me it is ok if you can quote, but where’s the progress in using stale words? To me it is a very damaging practice. It hampers thinking and injects inferiority and mediocrity into many, mainly those doing research. Also says schools only allows a certain degree of creativity. Ever hear of teachers being fired for teaching a little different than the text books. Best teachers ever, some anyway.

It is a great thing to know the pass. But if you only teach the concepts of the past then nothing moves forward and no one thinks. Everything is stagnant as nothing is allowed to move beyond the past.

Personally I quote, but you will see entire excerpts form through Kevinism (Observation, thinking, and pronouncing) as it should be. To me the pioneers of the past did not spend so much time doing what they did to hand us their work to stop. It was to progress beyond what they had done. Quote, is the order of each day. I prefer to learn and reword each statement to find the truth and new paths in them. What about you?


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