Creativity vs Writer’s Block: Knowing the Rounds

The battle between the writer and writer’s block could seem a little something like; ” Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another great matchup. This one features a prolific writer going up against the returning Champeen.” Yeah, that’s your brain as you get ready to sit down and pen something. How this battle ends however is not something you can watch on pay per view. It is live and direct.

Writer’s block affects millions of writers every single day. Yes, millions, you’re not alone. In fact this writer has had his share and continues to fight round by round. Writer’s block should be considered a creativity hunter becuase that’s what it does; chase your creativity everytime it starts to move.

The cure for writer’s block is never the same, never easy, and never readily apparent. The same can be said for the cause. No one really know what causes writer’s block. This creates a problem for most people, fear not.

Writer’s block can be K’Oed by simply inking somethng on paper assuming it’s mild. Deeper writer’s block can take a while, but can be solved through writing excercises as well. We are never at a loss for options. There are of course other things to look for when you have writer’s block such as stress levels, signs of depression, over thinking, eating habits, or other factors that can be masked by it. Always do the extra.checking to be sure.


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