Getting Published or Self Publishing Your Books

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Your book is done. You want to get published but don’t know where to turn. Maybe you’ve been searching online trying to decide the best route. Maybe you’re getting advice from some of the experts that tell you about finding an Agent and the Agent search seems impossible because of all the query and refusals. Whatever you’re doing don’t lose hope. Earlier I wrote a piece on designing your own book cover. Now, now I’m about to give you something else you can do for yourself: Self Publishing for free. Welcome your literature career to 2012.

Used to be writers spent a lot of time getting rejected by Agents. Publishing Companies took your money and you could publish, problem is there is no guarantee of your success for whatever you plunked down. The INTERNET has changed all of that. Now you can Publish your books on Amazon/Kindle version, there is (All e-book formats), or other publishing groups made up of Indie Authors I’ve found useful like Sirens Call Publications co-owned by an acquaintance of mine, Nina D’arcangela (She’s cool, visit and speak to her, and her partners – They’re approachable and easy to talk to). Best of all it’s free to publish.

When you publish you become your own publisher via Amazon, Smashwords, Sirens call, or a plathera of other online services. Amazon offers Online Publications the Kindle Platform, whereas Smashwords offers a variety of e-book platforms (Kindle, nook, PDF downloadable etc.) you can view by visiting them. This way you can eliminate the painful search for agents and the money spent publishing. The drawback to this is that you are only in electronic format. But no worries, check the reports on printed books and you will notice that most authors and a lot of readers are now online (Check out this report and others).

This is not to say that you shouldn’t get your books in print. I am just offering you a cost-effective (FREE) solution to your publication dilemma. Does this work? You can view Amazon, Smashwords, and Sirens call to see what authors are saying. The online publishing companies are giving you the freedom to launch your career. Take it!

So how do you get paid. While you’re signing up for your free account with any Online Publication company you will have the option of choosing how you want to get paid. In most cases you can get paid by check, or you can sign up for a paypal account, or other merchant services. View your Publisher’s payment schedule for more information.

Get your cover designed, get self-published, there is also help available with the publishing companies listed, for a cost if you get stuck. But for the most part. The publication Process is simple. I can also assist for free or a minimal fee depending on the level of help you need. Self-publishing has been a learning process. One that I am undertaking and I advise you to do the same. Get your book in print and let people know about it.

Your friendly online Alphawriter is always here to help you out. Yes I do some of the work for references… That means FREE genius. If the work is extensive we can talk. But don’t let anything stop you from accomplishing your dream. Because publishing, marketing, and selling is real easy enough. Hooray technology.

(Next up ~ Marketing your books Fun :))

Blessup. Look for the contact Alpha page to reach me..


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