Do it yourself book Cover designing

My first Design using Word, Photoshop and Pain Pro

Technology is a great thing isn’t it. Only takes some tinkering and you could do some great things. Take a look to the left, it is not the greatest but… who am I kidding I didn’t do a shabby job on my first cover. I could go on and on about how good it made me feel seeing it come out like it did. But I wont. I’ll just let you enjoy it a while and know you could have done this.

With programs like Paintshop pro, photoshop, paint, or the myriad of photo editing or designing software on the market you could definitely have done this.

When I set out to design a cover for my book it was because the online publishing company, Smashwords requires a cover with the title. This forced me into a position of paying someone to design a cover or do it myself. Guess what I did? Before that I used just that picture you see in the backdrop. Thanks Smashwords you made me learn a new skill; graphic design.

Since you’ve taken the time to get your book written. You have taken teh time or spent the money for editing (Recommended), it is time to set out and design a cover. With so many programs readily available for free or a price why spend the money without trying. Sorry Graphic artists. There are covers worth paying for definitely. But as a new author, probably a starving artist like myself. You can benefit from learning a new skill.

Designing a book cover just takes a little time, and effort, and creativity. But as a writer you have enough creativity. Not every cover has a picture. But the cover sometimes has designed letters that require certain programs that add effects to the blocks. A book cover is not some covert operation that you cannot figure out. It is basic picture manipulation. Personally this picture took me 5 hours only because I had to get the colors right and such. But in reality 20 minutes you’ll have your basic design.

There is absolutely no reason to write a book these days and get stuck trying to come up with funds for a cover design. Go outside and take a picture and go back to work inside after. If you need people. There are so many places online where you can get pics or cliparts that you can use. Besides that, you also have yourself to use as a model. You can always purchase a drawing tablet and digital pen if you have drawing skills too.

Any questions or comments feel free to hit me up. Blessings.


2 comments on “Do it yourself book Cover designing

  1. What kind of programs/sites can we go to for FREE photos we can use to design our book cover? I currently publish through CreateSpace, but their free covers are so… BORING!!

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