Basic Ways to Market Your Books

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I’m going to start by introducing you to a concept here. Selling yourself. If you think you need help after reading this, look to the right and click on the contact Alpha button, I do work for references depending on the level of work, the consultation is free. ahem, during the consultation you could get all the advice you need (That’s called a shameless plug). But I’m about to show you a few different ways you can go about marketing your book once it is published. The first concept has something to do with that shameless plug; selling yourself.

That’s right marketing a book has as much to do with marketing yourself. The two go together like peas in a pod. The problem with most writers who self publish and fail is that they follow that theme “if you build it they will come.” That was a movie and they lied. People need to know about your book. Why do you think companies like, Coca-cola, Microsoft, Google, General Electric still spend millions of dollars per year to advertise. You need to be visible. So concept one; Market self and book.

Social Media Marketing

Yep another shameless plug; is it sinking in yet. Go ahead and click on the link it takes you to my Facebook page. Social media marketing include sites like, digg, Stumbled, among a myriad of platforms you can use. Yes I am on each of those I mentioned. They can be used to generate interest about yourself and subsequently your book / books. Get familiar with social media because they will be your best friend.

The Power of Facebook Likes

People hear Facebook they automatically think friends, dating, classmates, and anything that falls into being social. I want you to think something else when you hear it: Powerful Marketing Tool! Facebook is not just another social tool. Facebook outdoes Google in many ways. Google is still relevant as a search engine. But Facebook has far more users. Why am I harping on that? Scroll down to the bottom of your Facebook page you will see an ad button. For $50 or more you can create targeted ads to reach readers, people interested in fashion (everyone), or a myriad other people. This can be a geographic or worldwide ad. You control how much your clicks will cost (Click for explanation of CPC ads). Are you seeing the big picture here? Just $50 and you can reach people, you can set a lifetime of that amount of weekly or monthly budget.

Create a Facebook page

Here’s something else about you should know. You may have your Facebook account and your entire friend-list and family on it. But also allows you to create a business page. A business page can be labeled for a few categories including but not limited to your Author’s page. Once you create your author’s page on Facebook you can use your friends to spread the word about you. Always be willing to ask every one of them (Shameless plug remember). You can also spend your facebook ad money on likes for your facebook page.

Using Twitter

Twitter is quickly becoming a favorite of many people. With twitter you have to be able to target who you want. You can get anyone to blast messages for you but the more people you have following you or are following the more tweets you will see in your timelines. Twitter is also very active all day. So keeping up can be time-consuming. But it is not impossible.

Blogging For Your Success and Readers

You’re already reading this. Start doing it. You can set your blog site however you want. Take a good look at my design. The shameless plugs should remind you of a door-to-door salesman. After all, you’re trying to get people to purchase not only your books, but you as well. That is the point of marketing. Learn to put words to paper. Make sure you go back and edit when you get all your ideas out. In fact, if you read the two posts before this one you’ll notice a lot of errors. The mind works fast and I don’t want to forget. Blog about what you do. Insert links to yourself in your blogs every chance you get. It is your blog.

Word of Mouth

The cheapest form of advertising is having your friends or colleagues talk about your work. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen. That doesn’t mean you get mad at your friends. It means you categorize your friends in two categories: Supporters and non-supporters. This way you can save yourself trouble and know which ones you can count on in the future. But talk about your book, your author’s pages, your social media pages, and everything you’ve got going. The more of them you tell the better. Also make it a point to inject your writing career into any conversation that you can. Don’t be annoying. But you know someone always asks what you’ve been up to all the time. When the question comes up shameless plug the situation. Actively promote yourself because your success is in your hands.

Indexing your pages and Blogs

Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Ask Jeeves, and many other search engines allow you to put your website on their indexing for free through their webmaster tools. Take advantage of it. It is FREE after all. Take the time to explore each search engine and drop your page onto their indexing sites whenever possible. I would imagine you should do it for all of them.

There are other marketing tips you will discover once you start. Pay per click is one of those offered by search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, ask Jeeves, and others. I would recommend you spend time familiarizing yourself with them before you decide to use PPC marketing, as it can get very costly. I will not waste time with this as it could end up making costing you a lot. I would also suggest that until you get the marketing down you avoid Pay per click. I referenced Facebook because you can set a lifetime cost on your ad which is perfect for your pockets.

If you haven’t learned the basics yet. I also offer classes if you contact me. We can setup a free consult to see if and where you need help. I can try to help you during that free consult. If you wish I can become your marketing company. Talk to me let me know what you need if anything. Remember Shameless plugging is how you get your ideas of what you want to buy and how you spread your name. Thin of it this way; when you see a movie or read a good book and tell your friends you’re doing the same thing.

Any questions or comments feel free to contact me or leave them here.


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