O.J. Simpson may be the Father of Khloe Kardashian

Ok. I gots a eyebrow raised for this one. But ohhhh Nelly! Turns out a couple ol’ Simpson pals are spreading news that Khloe Kardashian many be O.J. Simpson’s love child. The reason why my eye brow is up. Kardashian / Television love story is coming to an end. Kim Kardashian’s Bubble Butt can’t save the ratings anymore. in fact Kim’s busted wedding thing, whatever you want to call it is worn out already. Is this the next attempt at giving life back to the Kardashians?

There are sources that say O.J. Simpson used to brag about a love chi8ld he had with some wealthy woman. O.J. is incarcerated right now and can’t defend himself from these recent accusations. So it’s anybody’s guess at this point. All I can say is “PATERNITY”!

Now if you’ve seen Sydney, OJ’s 26 year old daughter. The source, unknown of course states that there are similarities between her and Khloe Kardashian. Man, where’s that paternity test when you need one. Wait, there’s more. I have to add that Kim Kardashian is of course out and about saying there is no way OJ is her sister’s father.

If it’s true; oh O.J., bad O.J.The man got you free from what was a sure prison term. Way to kick him in the nuts for his efforts. All I can say is what perfect time for that friend to open his/her big mouth to the National Enquirer.


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