I Keep Hearing Racism is Dead and Politics is Proving that Notion Wrong

A Confederate flag flies outside the State House in Columbia, South Carolina January...

Politics 2011-2012. Obama was shock to the republicans, there was not supposed to ever be a black president. But here he is. Since that win there has been a few changes to districts looking to shore up Republican wins (ie. Redistricting plans). I’m sure some genius will undoubtedly offer up some other explanation. But I think we’re done falling for lies and propaganda. The Picture to the left at the Columbia South Carolina STATE HOUSE is more than enough of an indicator. There, proudly displayed for all to see, the confederate flag flapping in the breeze; never mind what it means to the people of color.

But the blatant racism by the elected officials run even deeper than that. South Carolina has been in a heated debate over a State law that would require voters to show a State ID before they are allowed to vote. Federal officials say it could disproportionately keep black voters away from the polls. As we well know, many Americans never bother to get state IDs. Why the requirement now?

The response to the Federal Government from some of those ‘good ole boy’ states: “Each of our states are under assault right now by this administration,” Texas Governor Rick Perry said Saturday at a candidates’ forum in Charleston. “We may be under assault – South Carolina, they’re actually at war with you.” In case anyone has missed the war. Check out how much the State of Massachusetts is bleeding thanks to the healthcare bill Approved by Mitt Romney.  Sorry to tell you, but if you’re dumb enough to fall for rhetoric after all these years Then you don’t deserve better. You now have internet, investigate for yourselves.

Shamefully there is more: Former House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich has called Obama a “food stamp president” and suggested that low-income children should clean their schools to learn the value of work and replace unionized janitors. ‘AP‘ Newt Newt Newt, not everyone is heavily invested in Oil companies, and isn’t it illegal for underage children to be working? These are the candidates that are the role models of America? Dam, but we are not done yet. Ricky’s turn at bat.

And former Senator Rick Santorum said last week the coming election would be the most important since 1860, the year before the Civil War began. He has since changed the date to 1980, when conservative icon Ronald Reagan was elected president. Sadly, there is more, much more (SMFH).

“I hate to say it, but ever since the schools integrated (in the 1960s), it went downhill,” unemployed paralegal Vicki Cotterman said at a campaign stop for Perry in Walterboro on Thursday. “The white boys try to be like some of the black thugs – they go around with their pants down to their knees. It’s disrespectful.”Insurance agent Patti McBride said she believed Obama, a practicing Christian, actually is a Muslim because he has an unusual first name.”Our country was founded on Christianity, and now we have a Muslim with a Muslim name as the president, for God’s sakes,” McBride said.

And finally some recognition by African American Politicians: U.S. Representative Jim Clyburn, a South Carolina Democrat and the highest-ranking African American in Congress, says some candidates have been using coded phrases to play up racial tension.”What we hear more and more today is people picking up what I call 21st-century words and phrases to transmit the same thoughts that went into the political procedure years ago,” Clyburn told Reuters.”That’s the stuff of which dangerous activity is built.”‘THIS ISN’T THE ’60s ANYMORE’

The problem with that thought process is that it has been going on for years. We, African-Americans on the lower end of the scale have been complaining about it for years. And now with Obama as president, the gloves are off and racism no longer needs to hide. It seems America has an Agenda. Remove the N***r from office. Can it be said any other way? Looking at just this evidence from one report kind of says no.

This evidence, along with a few others; Troy Davis Execution / Murder (Coincidentally in the South), there seem to be a movement to send a message to African-Americans. Only this time it is not hiding behind corporate smokescreens or rhetorical messages. The undertones in the speeches of these Republicans have been more and more bold. A few have been chastised for going too far in recent years. But we know that was only because they got caught on camera: Historionics on Racism, Dare we forget Trent Lott when we look at this problem, oh and enjoy the music while you watch this idiocy.

When I take a careful glance at the headlines of the news, or hear the speeches of politicians I remember clearly what it means to be Black in America even today. Equality goes out the window on a whim. But this form of racism also hides another form of separatism (Racism) Americans need to pay attention to. Take it away Newt: Former House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich has called Obama a “food stamp president” and suggested that low-income children should clean their schools to learn the value of work and replace unionized janitors.

I think that means if you’re racist don’t be poor or you’re simply another N***r like us. A sad day in earth’s history and another sad truth to American politics, policies, freedom, and race relations. By these acts there has been another elevation of white supremacy in an unstated form, though clearly evident by their actions. When I look at the politics of today I remember one thing. A vote for any Republican is a vote against humanity. Black America, America you need to stand up and defend one another from this nonsense in America.


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