Jay Z says he will not Use the Word B**** in his Songs again.

No longer to use the word Bitch in his music

Just when I thought I couldn’t find anything more funny on the web here is this. Now that Jay Z has become a first time dad he has seen the error of his ways and wants his daughter to get the proper respect as a lady… o_O… Jay, see man, dude, there’s just these few little problems in that proposition.

One, you are married to Byonce, and quite frankly, didn’t give a Fuck (Am I allowed to say that ;)). Then there’s the problem of two (2) generations growing up hearing you call women Bitches and Hoes. Another problem is that most of the people she will be dating will be influenced by those little thugs that are influenced by your music. If it is any consolation she will have wealth; unless you somehow find a way to spend it all, which is going to make her a target for so many. Ouch little Blue (Cute name though).

But to put things in perspective. I am in full support of this move. And to add there’s another word that needs to go along with it. N**** need to be dropped from yours and every other rapper on the market. It is great to drop one word because you have a little girl and dam, I commend that, waiting to see how long that will last though.

But, I wish Jay z well on this endeavor and hope he can correct some of the language and behavior he has helped to instill in this generation, the one after it, and the ones growing now.


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