Are You a Keeper?

Genesis 4:9  “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Religious or not this has some deep undertones to it. In everything we do I see it being that that statement i splayed out again and again. The interesting thing is no one really even notices because the acts do not affect them directly. As long as it affects someone else then… But wait.

There is the thought that we live in a society of civilized people. A society that shares resources and further each other, beleive it or not. So yes, it would seem that what we do affects us in ways we don’t recognize right away. People have been blaming the residual effects of bad behavior on Karma for eons. The funny thing is it is what you did or failed to do reverberating through society affecting everyone including you.

Karma; as we so affectionately name it is the cumulative behavior of human beings in a society. When society does good things “Karma is great. When society as a whole is careless each act accumulates until it passes through each persons’ hands. You may feel left out of it, but in some way or another it will affect you. Turn your head away and pay attention. A few days, weeks, months, or however long it takes to come back it will unless the problem is solved.

When we say we are not our brother’s keeper and we leave someone to do something we could have helped with it leaves open the possibility of failure. Specifically if the person cannot do for themselves as you could have. It weakens the fabric of YOUR society. So no, in retrospect it would have been better to have helped than to pass sometimes. Especially if that person lives in the same place, or visits the places you frequent.

Our best bet for good “Karma” is to do good so that when our actions come around there is more good added to it.



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