Up Up and Away Again


No it’s not what you’re thinking. beleive me I wish it was Superman. But this high flyer is the price of gas and oil on the rise again. Personally I would love to be entertained by the explanations of the whys again. But we already know more than Congress, it’s called profit margin. And once again we’re being milked right when the economy starts going up and more people are getting hired. And true to form, Congress seems to have better things to do than worry about the people that elected them.

Say what you want about Venezualan President, Hugo Chavez, but in recent years he has done more for the American people, specifically the poor than the entire U.S. Government. Sad realization as a U.S. citizen.

But this morning as I stopped to add gas and prepare for my 150+ daily miles I took a look at the cost of regular gas prices, $3.41. Surprising since it was just $3.21 last week in the same place. And with gad prices on the rise again in the U.S. I have to wonder if Hugo Chavez is going to be  the solution to our problem again or will Congress finally do something other than ask pointless questions and be dumbfounded by big-oil CEO answers.

I can only imagine the gas prices in other parts of the world as I watch the almost-daily increase in gas price. This seems to be the very reason the recession continues on, it seems as soon as there is any news of a recovery gas prices start rising and rising until the recovery stalls.

Hopefully this time someone in government realizes that and start asking real questions, or at least, semi-intelligent questions and take action when they don’t get answers.




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