Commit to One a Day

It’s 1 o clock, I’m chowing on Mcdonald’s fries, and thinking. Dangerous combo; me eating and thinking, but that’s besides the point. I had an epiphamy (I did not invent that word I promise). But I was thinking, as a blogger, writer, freelancer, or whatever ‘er you are; are you writing one peice per day?

Today I did two, this being number two. In the three weeks I’ve been blogging I have found some real interesting topics to add to my repertoire (big word). But just take a look at my categories, I have 70. I will be reducing those.

By being committed to writing once peice per day I havr learned some things. Less categories and more tags being among the lessons. With less categories there’s more content per, so it looks like I’ve written more. Plus less searching. I have also populated my blog with content.

Writing once per day also increases the quality of you content footprint. Technically, if you do a websearch through google I may show up… Yes I think I’m awesome. But it also provides information for people to enjoy, or information people may not have found otherwise.

Commit to one peice per day and share the results. There is much to gain from it. Followers perhaps, recognition, comments, or any number of benefits. Speaking of comments. Leave some. Peace to ya.


Your feedback and comments are always welcome

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