Common vs Drake who would guess

“Make no mistake, I’m talking to Drake.” That’s how Common’s dis ends. And that’ how the world of hip hop got turned upside down.

For me, this little rap battle is strange. I don’t know about ya’ll. But these are two of the nicest guys in the music industry. Yeah, Drake trieshis hard act on stage and for the public but we all know he is a guy that lives through emotions. Common, he’s just common. A guy who hangs out in church while filming, talk to his fans face to face every chance he gets and so on. So what happened?

Nobody except those close to the two of them know. There is a lot pf speculation that it has something to do with Serena Williams (tied to Common for years). Kind of makes sense. But I am not going to join the speculative party. But if this rap battle is over Serena then it is definitely worth it.

To show how the hip hop world and music industry is impacted. People who know them both are simply saying these two need to stop. That alone says it all. I mean seriously, you’d expect this from Jay z, fifty, eminem, or one of those other rappers. But Drake and Common? I’m definitely at a loss on this on.

#Tweet this up. #share it. See if we can get some answers. #Commebts welcome


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