Black Church Own a KKK store in the South OMG

They went head to head in court. Now Rev. David Kennedy, right, is a happy man.

I almost fell out of my seat laughing when I read this story. Unbelievable Irony: A Judge in Laurens, SC ruled Wednesday that the building where a kkk store has been operating since 1996 is the rightful property of New Beginnings Baptist Church.

According to Reports, John Howard began operating his kkk museum in 1996. The building was deeded to Rev. David Kennedy in 1997 with a clause that allowed, Howard to operate his store until he died. Even more ironic is the fact that the deed was signed over to the black Baptist church by a klansman who was reportedly feuding with the group. Kennedy sued in 2008 in order to have the building inspected. On December 9th a Judge ruled in Kennedy’s favor. The AP reports that it is not clear however if the Judge’s decision means, Howard will have to vacate.

Needless to say that Howard is not happy and will not speak to the Press. According to reports, Howard was quoted as saying “If anything turns people off, they shouldn’t come in here,” this was in 2008 via a statement made to the AP, he finished with; “It’s not a thing in here against the law.” Oh that may change.

Needless to say the congregation is very happy about the ruling though some 200 members have been have left fearing reprisals by the klan.

There’s my report on this.

Well, you can view the entire story on Yahoo.


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