Hi World This is the Internet I’d like you to meet ~

Ha! Bet you thought I had someone already. Not so far fetched with the rise if technology, particularly the Internet.

One if the advantages of having the net so readily available is that you can become a superstar without agents. Just look at how many self-made singers and artists are now available for our enjoyment. I’m happy with it. No offense, but some of the singers out on the market today make my ears hurt.
When I get the rendition of some songs. I actually smile because there are people who actually make them sound good.

Me in particular for what I do Internet has made things a lot easier. I can now write a book and publish it myself, sorry agents, you wont be getting me to write an annoying query letter just to have you stare at it, read the lines and send that acceptance letter, along with the other piece of mail explaining the up front fees I gotta pay, or the nicely worded apology letter; ironically one I probably created freelance. Writers though can also take advantage of the new technological advances. Case in point; you’re reading something I used the Internet to create.
Back with more later, enjoy.


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