Getting Mr Right

Mr Right could be right next to you and you don't see

As promised I am doing one for the ladies. Title says it all. So let’s get to it. As it is I am amazed every time I hear women say they have hard time getting the right guy. So I’m giving you a road-map. Trust me when I tell you there is no magic formula. So lets begin. How does a woman find Mr. right?…

Go outside. Yes that’s it. Chances are if you are interested in a guy he is interested in you; along with every other woman he sees. Kidding. But the reality is it is much easier to attract a man. When we see a woman there is a vibe we pick up. Personally, women are the most amazing thing to me, love ya’ll no lie.

If you’re dressing skimpily, flattering a guy, going looking, hitting on, or any number of things you’re wasting your time. It doesn’t take all that effort… Read the last two sentences

Be natural

of the last paragraph again.

Truth is, men are mesmerized by women, actually these days some women are mesmerized by women. Women have a natural magnetism that captures men. To find Mr right you only need to take your time and assess the ones that come your way. Going after a guy you like guarantees a 99% relationship failure rate, if it is all about sex, then chase all you want.

There really is not magic pill to attract men. As a woman, men are automatically drawn to you. Use that to choose the one that’s right for you.
In that rare case where you chase, capture, and hogtie a man that will remain faithful, nice work. But to be honest, just stop trying and start paying attention. You could be in love real soon.



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