Early 2012 progress Report

As I scanned the pages of a novel and created feedback and a synopsis last night I realized something. I smiled as I pushed send on the email button. My smile widened even more when I woke and saw that the client paid me the agreed fee. It isn’t a million bucks, shoot it isn’t a full salary, but I made it. It was one step closer to my career as a freelance writer that I took.
I couln’t help but be happy knowing my new years resolution start with a bang just by effort.
As I sit here plucking at the phone’s onscreen keyboard, yes I’m on the droid again; can’t help but recall the blogs I posted on new years resolutions. I can’t help but marvel at the fact that I am starting mine so early.
Well, to complete this report. Let us just say that I strongly beleive now more than ever in effort creating opportunity.
Blessing and love
P.S. Trying to accomplish something great


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