Being a man ~ 1

She’s bossy, she’s pushy, she’s a bitch all the time. In truth she wants you to stand up to her. You might be there shaking your head. You might have even called me a liar being that you had the worst argument with your girl /wife tonight, yesterday, or some other day. But it’s true. Let me give you some advice.

The real truth is no woman wants to be with a man she can walk all over. Doesn’t matter how domineering she seems to be. That doesn’t mean putting your hands on the woman either. It just means standing up for yourself a little. Backing down has its benefits, no doubt. But you have to know the balance. And where the balance lies is the point when you turn around and tell her to BTFU… No joke.

I can see your head spinning and you’re laughing right now if you understand what that syntax means. But it doesn’t work all the time because she is actually right sometimes. The fact that a woman is arguing beyond the point when she should have stopped should tell you that you need to stop and reassess your own position. As I said, got to have a good balance.

Your relationship can benefit greatly from you growing a pair even if you’re one of those really passive people. Try it and see. If you’re one of those men who let his woman walk all over him, tone her down a bit next time you argue. Be strong and firm with your tone. Make direct eye contact and be mentally hood. If you know you’re right let her know you’re right. Now I’m going to leave it right there just in case, not trying to get anyone in trouble.


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