Turn a bad date Into a Fun date

Often hear how bad dates were and wondered why. I observed and I was laughing hard but crying inside. All I know is these were two people who didn’t belong in the same country much-less with each other. They were both lazy and had no imagination. But the theme both played was that they were very social and spontaneous. Um… Earth to… Oh never mind.. You just failed, end of story.

Bad dates are only bad because we don’t try. Most people will lie during the initial meeting or setup. That’s the mentality you should adopt when going on a date. Don’t walk in expecting the perfect end to a perfect day. Just walk in expecting to have fun. Makes life a lot easier at the end of the day. Could have helped the afore-mentioned story too. But they were doomed because neither was as social as they claimed to be. Granted, they did talk A LOT, but social they were not.

For one thing: Your imagination in a botched date is your greatest asset not the planned call. Just because you do not like the person does not mean they can’t be a little more than a laughing stock. Take this into account. You get out of a date by having someone call you and you miss out on a potential connection or friend. I am by no means saying that some times you do not need it. I’m just saying sometimes it is best to follow through with a bad date… Sometimes.

You did take the time to set up the date. And you did waste time getting dressed and went out. Might as well enjoy it. Try to keep the conversation as friendly as possible. Keep the touching to a bare minimum if at all. Focus on the fun you’re having or trying to have. I would suggest that all blind dates be something active pool, a walk in a public place, a library (Could always use a book as distraction or slap-tool), or any other public place that offers you some sanity just in case.

Forced laughter does no happy make. Sounded cool in my head. While you’re waiting for that “rescue me call” don’t do that loud obnoxious laugh. I’m sure it’s irritating enough sitting there watching you check your phone a million times. At least look at the other person’s cheek if not eyes. By the way, it is easier to look a person in the eyes when you’re not into them. Just saying.

Sorry for this waste of brain space but my dating content was looking real lonely.



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