2012 Put Hope Aside Do Something That Matters

“You will Notice me!”

It begins with a celebration at midnight. It continues for another 12 months. It is a year of infinite possibilities. Some of us prepare for devastation, others prepare for life as usual, while others yet still prepare to grind out the most they can from it. 2012 offers an infinite number of possibilities to one and all.

Possibilities – There is so much that we can and will accomplish in 2012. For many nations, including the United States there are elections about to take place. There is work to be done. We have dreams to accomplish. Day by day we are striving in what we do. 2012 brings with it endless possibilities and our dreams and aspirations.

A pioneer for freedom and peace. Mahatma Gandhi

Doing what you desire – There is the aspect of wanting to be something greater. Some of us are halted by words such as “knowing your limits”, “Knowing your place”, or any other countless saying that classifies us as anything lesser than what we dream of being. There is nothing stopping us from being what we want other than ourselves. Forget the naysayers and put in place steps to accomplish what you want. It is your dream and no one should tell you that your dream is worthless in 2012.

Start with a Dream... Yours!

Realizations of Liberty – Already in places where people have never known freedom they are beginning to seek it. The ability to make choices that are not government sanctioned or approved. I say it is 2012, and it is about time. We speak of free-will so often and so readily turn it over to someone who makes a promise of safety. Our safety is our own. Our freedom was never granted we were born with it. Democracy or any other form of government should be our choice not a right. So I say good for you all. Take the bold steps that liberate you from the tyrants of the world, Democratic or otherwise. Realize you are your own leader in 2012.

Tiananmen Square 1989 (The originals)

Egypt Speaking up

Syria’s Revolution

Against the practices of Corporate greed

Soldiers thinking beyond the order to kill (These are people we are sworn to protects: states one soldier)

Will China speak up after Tiananmen Square? Freedom is ours. It is not a given or granted

You are your brother's keeper

right. We are born free. No one gives it to us. We surrender it when we fall in-line with what world leaders say (Your thought for 2012). Time to cast off callous leaders and do what we want for a change. To all of you in the struggle – good work! I think we needed to send strong messages to these so-called “leaders” so they understand that we allow them to occupy the offices.

Our need for love

Seeking Peace– For those of you who have witnessed wars you know what it is like. You know the people you are missing in your lives. 2012 should be a year we ask why. Why should we war against our fellow men

Something that matters – Whatever your aspirations it is time to put hope aside and do something that matters. Help your fellow men the way you wanted, seek truth, advocate for peace, feed the hungry, do something other than hope, do something that matters. Even the smallest thing can be a great thing to someone else. Don’t think of anything as insignificant because others may be overlooking what it is you set out to do in 2012.

My Message – I will leave you with this message. 2012 is the year of THE PEOPLE. It is what politicians, Tyrants, Kinds, and Emperors are always saying but never understanding and words we have failed to understand. A leader is only as strong as the people who follow him. Be stronger, be confident, lead and do for yourself. Begin a new legacy for the generations to come. One that is free of wars of the few fought by the many. Do something that matters. Do what it is that is in your mind to do no matter what any man says. It is our efforts that make the world. And remember, you were born with your freedom it was not a given right. You only surrender it when you decide to follow the doctrine or leadership of someone. And it is yours to take back. The rights or lack thereof within any nation cannot take that away.

Do something good and practical. Help where you can. Do something that matters.

Be blessed – Be strong in 2012. Your only limit is YOU!

One Love



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