Conventional wisdom and the Republican Candidacy

Romney dropped to 23% and Ron Paul surging. Expected and appreciated. It looks like people have been paying attention.
Mitt Romney, who earlier in the race denounced the Mass healthcare bill he helped put into law seems to be… Wait a minute; Mitt, you do know we in MA are still being bled by that law you helped pass by the Health insurance companies right? You want to do something useful, come use your clout against it.
Now,  I’m all for Neut G in this race. After all, come the elections my vote is for one of the few presidents whom in history actually tried to do what they said, Obama.
But this is not about the president. Looking at the Republican race. Ron Paul is my ultimate pick as his plans and strategies seem solid. I don’t know if there are two candidates I’d vote for in the next few years. Obams, or Ron Paul. We’ll see what happens. But if by some chance Ron Paul doesn’t win. Vote Newt, Newt is good… (will add links later on my droid :p).


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