Does New Year’s Resolution Work… Are you Kidding Me!!!!!

Happy New Year

3 days to the end of 2011 and the resolutions are probably piling up. I have heard a lot of people questioning the validity of resolutions. The one prominent comment I hear A LOT is that New Year’s Resolutions do not work… Um… How do I say this without hurting any of those sensitive feewings? Oh well, bring on the hate mail. STOP BEING LAZY!!!

Uhhhhh... Who's going first

New Year’s Resolutions will not work without you. I hope that makes perfect sense. If not pay attention. Making a New Year’s Resolution work takes work. Not just wishing on a star and poof there it is. I say this because I hear annually people actually say no when asked if New Year’s Resolutions work. How exactly can it work if zero effort is put into it.

The next realization is like anything else. The outcome of a new Year’s Resolution may not be exactly what you want but it is something. What you set out to accomplish may not be exactly what you’d hoped for, but any inkling of a result is good for you. It means you actually did something. Just because you work at something doesn’t mean it is just going to give way. There are too many things happening that does not always allow for the full realization of what you set out to do. Roll with the punches and do your best. Continue on the resolution for the next year if necessary.

You should see me in full swing

So what exactly is a New Year’s Resolution? Here’s the skinny on that. It is just a goal you are setting for the year ahead. Like all other goals you actually have to work at it. There is no magic pill or end of year magic pixie that is going to grant your last wish of the year. My suggestion would be to dedicate at least twenty (20) minutes to one hour (60 minutes) per day or even per week toward accomplishing your new year’s resolution. This way it gets done or somewhat done and you feel good.

A new year’s resolution is a good way to build confidence as well. Imagine setting a goal and finding ways to make it happen. There is no better feeling that seeing something you wanted to do come to fruition in some way shape or form. So set a new year’s resolution. Be bold with it.Don’t set something wimpy. Do something great! Or at least half great. Fine set something wimpy if you want but make sure you do it.

Another suggestion would be to set your goals high and work at it. Lessen any disappointing feeling by letting yourself know that you are putting in an honest effort. So go ahead set a new year’s resolution right here and now. You may be thinking; what can I do? Well, you can set a weight-loss goal (A few pounds) and an action plan to lose weight.Not hard to set the action plan. You can set an educational goal. This is a great way to build not only your confidence but also seek a higher career position in life. Of course these are just examples I’m pulling out of my head. Get your own! Fine you can use those too.

He wrote a book at 7.. Of course Mommy did all the editing but he wrote it

Set up an action plan. New year’s resolutions will not just work themselves out as I mentioned. They require work. Sometimes it is best to set up action plans and benchmarks so you know what to do and when. List the steps it will take to accomplish what you want and go for it. Rome was not built in a day. Don’t expect immediate results unless you are one of those tenacious people who just go for it with reckless abandon. Even then be flexible and know that sometimes things take more than a year before they are fully realized.

But whatever your new year’s resolution is. Plan on working toward your thought and accomplishment. Ignore any nay-sayer because they can be the biggest reason you fail. If they bother you with any negatives tell tell them to get a dream of their own. Wish you the best on your resolution. Stay blessed and stay healthy. We just got another year under our belt, why not go for another.

Blessings and One Love.


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