New Year’s Resolution

There goes Christmas

Good morning and welcome back to reality. As the feeling of Eggnog lethargy sets in we realize it is over. Time to clean up, pack up, and get ready to go home so we can do it again next week. I think Companies need to be fined heavily for breaking up the fun. Make it a two-week Family day. But tomorrow some of us who do not have a vacation will be going back to work (Sad face on).

But fear not it is not without its rewards. New years is the next week. Same setup as this weekend so we can do this all over again. with 2012 looming on the horizon some of us have even set our new year’s resolution in place. If you have not it is time to get a moving. 2012 is next week. Yes we are at the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012.

So what’s your motivation for next year? What have you told yourself you’re going to accomplish? Is it something good or great? I know for next year I want to accomplish two things. And I am putting them on paper and online so I get to read them and know what I planned. For one thing I plan on having a completed and edited novel: Into the Vein of which I have release 3 mini-books so far.  I am learning how to promote it slowly and have gotten minimal results. I’m happy with the results! Some people would say it failed with only 300 copies. But hey, the world didn’t populate in one day.

Into the Vein All e-book formats

Into the Vein on Amazon kindle

My second resolution is something I’m staring to enjoy more and more; blogging. I want to become a professional blogger. How do I do that? I am currently researching building a reader-base, and looking for great content. For me it is no longer a matter of “can I”, it is now a matter of “how quickly.”

My new years resolution is to develop a prolific writing career by the end of 2012. I am so far happy with my growing results. I look at it as I was a man who had writer’s block and now has 300+ copies of my books downloaded worldwide. I am also creating content online and building other niches that I can utilize to accomplish what I put on paper. I can see my vision and I am working toward them.

Share your New Year’s resolution as a comment. What do you plan on doing? Do you plan on quitting smoking, going to college, passing a class, or something a little more detailed? Everything counts and everything is fair game once you want to do it.

One Love and Blessings


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