NBA gets an ‘F’ on new efforts

When did the NBA team owners become BIG babies? I am listening to the news about two weeks ago. I hear about the trade for Chris Paul to the Lakers. I hear it get revoked by Commissions Stern. Why? Coby and Chris Paul would have made for great basketball. I was kind of Bummed by it although I’m a Celtics Fan.  Consequently there have been a few other boo moves by the NBA. They have turned back trades that would have made teams stronger. But now the Clippers will enjoy Chris Paul.

No Feeding Koby an Alley 😦

Whatever happened to winning or losing. To me this basically makes the NBA games suspect. Coaches and teams no longer have to make an effort in getting players because teams can’t be too uneven. Sorry, but to me you either do a better job at preparing or lose. Is it well deserved considering the players get paid so much. I don’t know about that one. But the new rules are going to take away from watching underdogs come in and get an upset win. As it is explained it’s all about making sure the Wealthier teams don’t take advantage of… Wait, take advantage? NBA officials, if you’re listening don’t do it. Stop getting in between team trades because some owners complain.

These are grown men playing basket ball. It’s a sport! They’re supposed to go out there and hit the hardwood in hopes of getting a W. There’s no whining in Basket ball. Well, apparently there was.. is.. You know what I mean. The owners whined and whined along with a few commentators about the teams being uneven until this abomination came about. Now we are going to see some doctored up rosters that makes things more competitive. I somehow miss that part being a former athlete. It takes a lot of credibility away from the game, planning, coaching and other aspects of the game. Basically the game is going to be played in David Stern’s office as he rejects trade after trade because it would make a tea too powerful. THAT’S WHAT COMPETITION IS ABOUT!!!! Ehem. Forget owner complaints of unfair and let the teams make trades to better themselves.

Yeah I have to wonder if we’ll be seeing more of this when guys win or lose. Head down, no not the proud kind. I wonder what all the guys who played before are saying? Imagine, you can’t play for a team because of a few bad trades. Ok, I admit, Lebron going to the heat along with Chris Bosh. Bad for other teams because Dwayne Wayde was already there. But come on, the problem was the way the trade went down. Not the trade itself. It added to the mystique of a team. Yes it sent a lot of endorsements there. But it was earned.

So what’s next I gotta ask. Here we now have the offices saying certain players can’t be on the same team because they’re too good to play together. Um, problem, that sucks eggs. That is the most idiotic excuse I’ve ever heard… No wait, there was Bill Clinton: Love the man, but… Anyway! Hearing these guys complain about too much talent or an overloaded team pretty much says the competition is over. To me, no matter who wins the championship it doesn’t matter. The game was not payed on the floor. The game was played by whining owners in offices. They couldn’t put a team together right so they complain and have the NBA corporate smooth things out. In my view that’s a pansy move. The NBA lost some street cred, lost my respect at least. Hopefully they open the floor to real competition again in the future.

For now we will have to settle for what the owners are starting to get. NBA officials putting their team together for them, players who won’t have to try so hard against better teams, and owners / wannabe coaches who can now take over their teams. Harlem Globe Trodders maybe able to play NBA ball soon enough. I see a lot of comedy one the rise in NBA basketball. Well enough of my whining. Back to the office the action’s not on the floor anymore. And no it’s not a rule yet, but if this trade and others are indications; they’re thinking about it… HARD!

Blessup – One love

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