Post Fifteen

As I stand on the verge of completing number fifteen

I thought, I think, I imagined

That I’d put it in a prose

and reflect on the last 14 or so

Now to make a milestone as I post the last of what is supposed to be

number fifteen

I imagined a topic so great so bold

That it would take pages and pages just to be told

I found solace in the fact that I could rhyme it out

instead of just another one of those that is just about

I wanted no subject

I wanted no abject

discussion of something profane

I wanted not to reason

no no, not with number fifteen

I just wanted it to be something creative

something that made me use my mind and be imaginitive

So I created a poem here tonight

a poem that reminded me I’m not that bright

look at the way the words are strung together

I bet even a child could do it better

But then again I wasn’t looking for quality was I

Just something that was pleasing to the eye

I wanted to feed the mind

so read, read again until it makes you wired

Let the words seduce

caress and even reduce

the things that bother you tonight

as you ponder the the reason for the words in a vertical line

Enjoy number fifteen

I’ve been considering it since number ten

and now it is a reality

Hope you enjoyed what comes next, we’ll see


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