Does the Business world cause Multiple personality?

The false setup

Just an observation. The same people who tell you to act professional and the ones they tell you to act professional with are the same ones that party with you. Huh? Yeah you read it right and I am scratching my head on that one. You walk in an office to meet with these people. Talk about product and function plus benefits and then go drinking. Um, translation: I think we’re all playing house with a bunch of idiots!

Flirting with the same women who were rolling their eyes in the meeting

Yeah it probably doesn’t make any sense to you either. But then again most of what we do doesn’t make any sense. Do you see the caption on the picture to the left. Well yeah, that happens a lot. Seems like people say there’s a place for everything and they’re not kidding. When you’re in the office everyone takes on this air of I-don’t-know-what. During the hours of 9 – 5 we are told to act PROFESSIONAL, whatever that means. Our bosses are standing right behind us watching our every move. They complain and whine about what we do. They tell us to work harder. And then the dreaded happens. After work we go to the nearest outlet to let off some steam and they are there doing the same thing. So what happens from the time they get in to the time they get out?

Personally I think people like to make more of themselves because they are bored. But I have to play by societal rules as I type. So let’s see what BS the Psychobabblists came up with. I hear-tell that there is a set policy for business professionals. You go in a office and dress a certain way while in that office. Then you perform a certain task set for you to do since you paid big bucks to learn how schools say it should be done. You wear makeup and a fancy clothes (The professional image) all day. Then the day is out and you go home rip it off and do everything you couldn’t do all day. But the owners have been doing it all day.

So why this double life? Yes everybody is living a double life. Sales! If you don’t present yourself a certain way then you can’t sell someone anything. So then why take off the facade at home? I would like to say because it is comfortable. But society says we are allowed to relax once work is over. Somehow we didn’t know that (Please not the sarcasm). How is it then we are surprised when we see stressed out people acting differently since corporations tell people to act differently when on the job. In fact, most policies are created opposite the human nature. What I mean is; a policy that dictates the customer is always right spells out that you are in the wrong for speaking up. The same policy asserts that you should report something when you see it. Problem? You tell me.

I suspect that secretly corporations are created to drive people crazy. My proof is the myriad of medication created each day. Create adverse environments, thrown people in it, whoever doesn’t crack goes home and take a pill. Go do it again tomorrow. Hmm, wonder how many personalities I have? Well I’m about to go talk to myselves now.

Blessup and one love.


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