Dating can definitely be a bit confusing. Let’s be serious, dating can be completely overwhelming. It is one of the most draining things because you can spend months or years just trying to find someone compatible or with the same vision as you have. That’s the biggest problem people face these days; finding that compatible person. The other is finding someone who is as ready as they are for a commitment. To tell you the truth, I beleive that’s why people like me were made. To help with the transitions in life. I have a deep understanding of people thus I am able to see things from various perspectives. Thus I thought I’d offer my advice and services where necessary.

The advice I will be posting here is determined both by how you take it and how you implement it, much like anything else. The reason I say this is because each person treats dating differently and has differing expectations. But with time and honest effort one can get a good standing relationship within the given time frame they take to look for a person of quality. Quality in dating is not a universal. It is definitely determined by the individuals who are seeking their Mr. or Ms Right.

Therefore to help you and guide you on your way I am prepared to post at least one blog per week on the subject. Thinking about the first one right now. I know full well that both men and women need help in this aspect of life. If you read and you think I can help you in anyway use the forms I provide at the bottom of he posts that will be threaded here. Looking forward to hearing from you. Please leave comments to let me know what you think as well.


Your feedback and comments are always welcome

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