Approaching a woman.

We can’t all be superstars no matter how bad we want to be. No matter how much we think of ourselves we all have those moments. Some of us have them more often than others. Talking and women is just one of those water and oil mixes for many of us. Let’s face it; dating is more about women than it is us. But we make it too much of a mountain. We see a beautiful woman and automatically assume that she is out of our… <Insert idiotic statement here>. Truth is that a lot of times a woman will give you a chance if you approach her right.

Of course we have those men who seem to be able to approach any woman and walk away leaving her blushing. Probably kick yourself and ask why you can’t do that. Guess what! You can and it doesn’t take as much as you might think. It only takes preparing yourself, saying hi, and follow up on your initial thoughts about her.


First and foremost she is not an alien. She is a human being. And as a human being she likes to have people talk to her. 99% of women will not embarrass you if you approach her and say hello. That 1% that will is probably having a bad day. Yes there are women who are just mean and will. Those are few and far between. So approach and prepare your message. The only warning is approach confidently, if you need a few seconds to get yourself ready do that.

First words

Talking to women is not rocket science. When we were growing up learning those stupid lines our brothers or friends would use I learned something. What not to do. A woman does not require those corny lines. In fact most women are secretly rolling their eyes when you go at them with lines. Trust me save; “Hi beautiful” for later. Just say hi. Do this a few times with women you see. Randomly just say hello and watch what happens. Smile while you’re doing it. And not that creepy nervous smile either. SMILE DAMMIT! That’s why you have lips. Relax, remember you’re only saying hello to test the waters and get yourself used to the feeling. It is also a great ice breaker.

First Compliments

Ever see your friends or random guys get slapped? Don’t join them. Keep your compliments above the clothes, not under. When you approach a woman with a cute compliment find something about her. Something she’s wearing. Most women wear earings if they look good you found your target. But more than likely you will notice the clothes she’s wearing. Compliment the colors of her clothing. NEVER compliment just the blouse or any single piece if you’re a novice. That leaves the statement wide open. And a wise-ass will take full advantage of that knowing she has the power to reduce you to a whimpering baby. Make the compliment complete. Just tell her she has a nice outfit on, or say “nice colors”, or go for the shoes (Women love shoes) just pick something on her person and compliment it. Be calm be casual, and be confident. Be brave, don’t let her smell your fear (Mwahahaaa).


Confidence looks something like that

Confidence is sexy. Ask any woman. Even if you’re shy you can have swag. Fellas it is not that hard to walk with your head up. Trust me I am one of those quiet men. But I am a natural flirt and will use that to get in a conversation I can’t handle and walk out like a champ. Sweating profusely, but still she will respect me. Ehem.. Truth in the matter is we all go through it. Confidence is a simple thing to display. Practice holding your head straight and your shoulders upright. When you’re in public and notice yourself slumping stiffen up. Not too stiff, only your shoulder and neck. I guess the best example I can give you is “THE ROCK”. His cocky stance and attitude exudes confidence. Just don’t do what he does please. He can get away with that because he’s the rock and women are all over him. Be confident and be humble. That’s a very sexy mix. Ask your sister and she will tell you that is the truth.

Learn from women

She her disinterested look?

I just mentioned sister. Women are the perfect teachers when it comes to what women want. Believe me it might sound too simple or just plain stupid when they explain it. But it is the truth. Women love simplicity. Woman can teach the subtle simplicity that makes them seem complicated. Take it from me when I tell you that women are natural teachers. If you have sisters, female cousins, or female friends get lessons from them. Take in every single word that comes from them. Learn the mechanics and do what they tell you to do. Before long you’ll be Mr Machismo. Yeah, anyway, you’ll at least be able to say hello without running down the hallway screaming like a girl. Women can teach you best how to talk to women. Best part is you can learn by simply listening.

Well, that be it for me. I think I gave you enough information. I know women will be asking for one of these too. Gimme a minute it’s coming. I just started. Look this is only post 2. And trust me it will be a lot shorter than this one. In fact it might only cover 1 paragraph. But anyway guys enjoy saying hello to all the beautiful women around your town. Make it a daily practice.


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