Writing personality

Mr Droid again. I once had someone ask me if I could write with personality. No seriously! When I did something up he actually said it was too informal. I wanted to ask if it was a robotic personality he wanted. But knowing I may meet his personality requirements at some other point kept me quiet. Yap, I bit my tongue. It hurt!
I wonder though; do I take too much chances with what I write? I just don’t see the point in producing something stuffy and then actually trying to make a joke while presenting it. I am a very quiet person, but I have no problem telling you I’m about to yawn. I usually thought personality meant spice it up. But I digress.
These days as I put finger to keys, or pen to paper when they turn the lights out I realize I am enjoying life through creativity. I wonder if that makes me a god somewhere? Down God-fearers, just thinking while I type, I’m allowed, I think. Eitherway I asked.
Well, not wasting anymore of your braincells. I will stop myself here. I seem to be developing an ego the more I blog. I wonder if wordpress is getting me addicted to writing? Lol, I can see myself in writer’s ananimous. Thanks wordpress – hope I spelled your name wrong for this addictive practice. Poor droid phone and pc have to put up with my insanity and keyboarding so much.
What is your thought on my writing personality? Do I need a littitude adjustment or am I good?

Peace, blessings, n love.


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