The off beat Distractions

No not music. What I meant to say was the stuff that just grabs your attention. You know, those times you’re supposed to be doing something and BAM!!!! Yeah had one last night. I was going to do a post on alcoholics and that song ‘RED SOLO CUP.’ Hilarious little country ditty done in a slushing voice. But as I sat down and started looking at the keyboard.  I got a little tired and then a lot tired. Next thing I know it is 7 o clock.

Well, I had to do something hadn’t put pen to paper, erm, finger to keys in about two days. and the itch was driving me crazy. Plus didn’t even have time to get anything done by mobile. But I did this morning.

So what is your time stealer or distraction? How do you get distracted. Mine, oh boy. Could be something shiny. “Ooooh shiny.” Yeah I have my moments. And it is not always good. For one thing I can produce roughly 50 pages or more per week of quality material and don’t because of distractions. Trust me I know. Are they good quality? Yes, yes I can actually say that now. It wasn’t so long ago though I thought they were great when they were actually.. Um.. Unmentionable. In fact, I need to go back and do some grammar checks.

But, my distractions are becoming less prominent these days and I am focusing more on what I need to do. I think so anyway. Hope I’m right. Well, gotta runt to the 8 to 5 now. So I will leave you with that. If you feel like sharing some of your distraction busters drop some knowledge. I am always looking to learn and I am sure anyone else looking on can learn from what you have to say.

Blessings and One love.


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