Into the Vein: Eternities’ Ghost

Funny thing is When I took this Pic. It was just a pic... If you click here you go to the book and will be able to support my efforts

Don’t worry it is spelled right! I wanted to make it plural so I did. This is the third release of the series of ‘Into the Vein’. This hear pumping third mini release of the upcoming Novel reveals just a little more about what’s happening. This spell binding third minibook is some 50+ pages of mind numbing sequences that are just the beginning of everything.

Coming along I can see the evil eye I’m getting widening from one of my favorite characters. There’s still hope for her though. But I am a little pleased with the results. Keep in mind that these releases may be a bit different from the finished product. What I an planning to do is as I hone my writing skill, edit them accordingly. There will be elements added and subtracted.

I have to admit that writing this portion I actually gave myself chills because I could actually hear the characters interacting. It was insane to actually hear and see the action come alive. This particular piece is a bit more polished than the previous releases; in terms of writing and grammar. Had more beef to the content as well.  And yes, there is some of the content that is adult-eyes only. But the action and sequence of events make me a proud father to be of a very nice first-born novel. Now, as much as this may seem like it is the climax, you can only wish. There is much, much, much more to come as our heroes and heroins run through and entirely new playground. Am I happy with it. YUP!!! As you can imagine. I am ecstatic about the direction this book is taking and after reading I think you will too.

Also unlike the previous versions, which are wrapped up on Amazon. This is available in just about all ebook formats. Not leaving any body out. I will also be editing the other books while I work on the next minibook. I am having second thoughts about releasing the next one. But with three more minis to go I am not so sure it is a good idea to release anymore. Hehe make em wait. But What I will say is if I do release it everyone will be shocked at what happens next, and beleive me, it is not even close to the most alarming point.

Now Availability will be on Amazon soon. But the links I am providing should be enough. Happy reading, don’t forget to leave a review and rate the book.

What I am also doing is taking suggestions on how any sequence can be improved. Heck! I started releasing the unedited versions of the minibook so that you could follow along and be a part of this creation. But the best is yet to come. Below are the links to the books Happy reading.

1st Release – White Castle on Amazon kindle

2nd Release – Garden of the Ancient King Amazon kindle

3rd release – Eternities’ Ghost Smashword all eformats

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