Android blogging makes life easier

Imagine thinking about your blog but being unable to touch it. Few years back it was like that. Then came smartphones. As I plug away on my wordpress android app I can’t help but remenisce about about my first blogs. when the inspiration hit and I wanted to write something. But nope.

These days having a smartphone is like walking with a notebook. Setup a private page and when the mood hits get on and post to it. Or if you’re like me, blog about it. I hate thinking about all the days of blogging I have missed to date. Yes, I only recently started blogging, first on google blogger, and now where I think I’ll be logging in from now on; WordPress!

Can’t imagine the joy I felt when I saw that wordpress was joining the mobile world with an Android app. Yea I could say Iphone too, but I am currently entering from droid, my fav phone to date. An old Optimus. But it gets the job done. I remember about 4 years back phones would be telling me the virtual memory was full just on the first paragraph alonr. Now look at what we’ve done. Good work fellow geeks!

As for this app, you can only imagine the sheer joy I feel adding these words. But being able to add updates and edit blogs, ehem, the grammatical errors is great. If you see mistakes you know why. These onscreen keys are tiny. But they do the job my pc can’t do for me at the moment. All I can do right now is wonder how long pcs have before they start feeling lonely.

Anyway – One love. Blessup.

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