A time for family

Believe in the Power of Love

That time for Family again

It’s that time again. The only Global holiday. A day where people get to come together and celebrate all over the world. Some of us celebrate the Messiah, some celebrate families, some celebrate returning families, while yet others contemplate the meaning of Christmas. The one lingering thing that has made sense to me is that it is a time when people come together and act nice. If you can’t try and see how good it feels. But it is definitely that time of year where we are all about to see those family members we haven’t seen all year. Enjoy it, embrace it, stop complaining about it being a religious holiday, no complaints about Santa, and definitely no hating on the gift giving. It is a day of enjoyment and family, put all the bickering aside and enjoy Christmas.

Yeshua (Jesus)

For many, Christmas is about the man called Yeshua (Named Jesus) his sacrifice and rebirth. For others still it is about gift giving. and receiving. Children love this time of year by the way. I wish we could all follow their example of un-debated joy at the year.  A time when family get together. Christmas has become about more than just one man. For some, it has also become more about family than it is about gift giving. Yes people go crazy shopping, but for those who don’t have the means. Just take the time and enjoy the company of family. Those are the gifts given to you a long time ago. That’s something no one could buy or pay enough to get.

Gathered together

For those of us who celebrate using Santa. It is the time of year for gifts definitely. We will be looking for those cookies and gift boxes under the tree. Try telling a child there’s no gifts this year. Those little faces will be down the stairs and under the Christmas tree faster than the lights could come on For them it is the time of year they wait for with baited breath. Well, not really wait since they’ve been telling us what they want all year. Now it’s time for them to see if we have been listening. I wish you all luck with that. For those who never really grew up, they will be waiting too. And for some of us who don’t want to be sleeping on the couch you better have been listening. No I don’t endorse the Lexus with a bow, or the diamond, or Jared (Sorry dude). Stay within your budget, if they don’t understand. I hope you really don’t like them. Otherwise you better be ready to go broke. Best advice I have for that sorry. For you who need motivation to get out and get a gift, there may be a gift waiting at home for you. So shop wisely!

Couldn't do it fellas - Might have kids reading this.

Around the world - Every nationality

For the soldiers returning home. Welcome back!For those around the world finally getting to put down your weapons, I hope you can enjoy it past Christmas. The last few years have been a rough spot and enough can’t be said about the men and women who do the work you do. We can only hope that one day the need for peace will out-pace the ambition of those who are the cause of wars. Your families and friends will be happy to see you home safe and hear you snoring from 2 rooms down. Don’t worry be loud, beleive me it is the best reason they will have for staying up covering their heads with a pillow. For those who did not come home. We will celebrate with your spirits hovering next to us. We will give thanks for what you have given for our safety. We will hold your families as our own. And the first glass of Eggnog is yours. Welcome home to you too. You will never be forgotten. Not by family, not by the ones who were forced to take what is yours, and not by the people within your countries. Welcome home one and all. Merry Christmas to you and merry Christmas to your families enjoy each other to the max.


Whatever reason you have for celebrating Christmas. Just take time to enjoy the feeling of family. Take time to enjoy every sound, the fun, the time well spent, the gifts you receive, the praises you give, or giving your presence so someone could enjoy you. It is that time of year to forget problems exist and show that you have a warm fun side. This is the time of year to create miracles or watch them happen. This is the time of year for peace on earth and good will onto each other. Let the spirit of Christmas take you and mold you for the next year. Be kind be good. Give peace on earth and good will to your fellow men. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

Where’s Tiny Tim

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