People keep biting my name

Just a side note. If you should visit – or – know that neither of these are me. These are sites that popped up after I started tweeting and blogging first as metawriter ontwitter then on google and then as Alphawriter on WordPress.

How can these be creative writers if they choose to adapt names I’m using to blog or for twitter and make it a .com. Geez, at least ask if I’m going to use it first, dang.

They may be legitimate, I’m not buying anything from them nor am I planning on buying from them grrrr, but I just want to make sure that if anyone purchases anything from them and do not get the proper service i don’t get blamed for it. That is all. Carry on!

To the aforementioned . com names – shame on you!

And I’m sure if you want to call on something for something we can check who was established with what first. Thank God for Time stamping.


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