Character development

Your characters that take on their own life and speak to you.

Personally I tell people I’m crazy so when they see me writing and talking to myself they already know I’m fine. The kicker is when they see me actually talking to myself to try and develop better dialogue between my characters. The realism has to be right and this is the only way. But, I said, I tell them I’m crazy. This practice of self talk works wonders for me, which I why I tell anyone who is around me I’m crazy. It is something that needs to be seen. But then again, crazy is we the creative people. I think without us to laugh at people would go crazy themselves

I am Him

The characters I created for ‘Into the Vein’ are no different. I am talking to myself, closing people out so I can hear them speaking to one another, ignoring food and exercise for hours on end, and, yes and pretty much living on the computer sometimes. The great thing is you develop the most real-life characters available to your creation. The reality; we need character development as writers, and techniques usually vary. As for anyone who says you’re crazy if you talk to yourself: Ask then what people used to say about Einstein, Fredrick Douglas, and countless others like them. I like being crazy, seems we’re needed to keep sane people sane. Just sayin’!

Who wouldn't want that hairstyle

The funny thing is as they get older they look alike. Wonder if they were related?

Sweet n Innocent turns Evil – Poor puppy

Now characters you create should come with a label that says: May not be as created. I can see the problem God has with human beings when I write. What do I mean? There I was writing along when one of my favorite characters from ‘Into the Vein‘ starts giving me the evil eye. I mean, this girl is supposed to be a great hero in the book. she takes charge of everything. And with the typing of one word she starts on a trail that could turn her into the devil. And yes, I did try changing the statement again and again, but still she had that ominous feeling to her. Now she’s borderline and crafty. The point here is, you need to just create your characters without knowing what they’re truly going to be. Believe me it’s sad to think of your character as sweet and innocent and then end up seeing a whole new side to them. but as the story develops, bang, you may end up with characters that add new dimensions to you’re story. Plot may develop around them in the latter of the story and that’s fine. Let it happen, it creates a better story because it deviates from what was supposed to happen, which most people like me figure out in about the first 10 pages, so I like swing characters.

But I digress. Character development is one of the most important aspects of your story. A lot of people say the plot is. But a story that evolves; notice I didn’t say develop? That’s for a reason. The story that evolves around your characters presents a better tales. Yes I’m challenging the writing teacher’s assumption that a great plot is the ultimate writing tool. The characters shape the plot more than the plot shape the characters. What I notice about a lot of movies and a lot of books is that, well, they’re boring. They’re missing the element of surprise and they lack creativity. These writers I can usually tell take no chances. They want to writer according to what they have on paper. Brain writers I can usually identify, Stephen king, the writer of “The others”, and still more. These guys let their stories deviate from the original plot in order to develop a thicker plot if the story calls for it. Adds surprises, adds volume, adds quality, and a bit more fun to what was to be just a mystery about something. And that’s what you get when you let the story evolve around your characters. Pay attention to it though because you could have a runaway comedy if you don’t pay attention.

Your Fight Scene - fightng without fighting

Be ridiculous! Credibility lacks creativity here trust me. Your characters and fight scenes need to be original. That’s why I could appreciate characters like “Neo”, it was insane. A character living in a digital world that can take different forms, can fly, and can kick butt when necessary. These are chances you have to take in order to make a fight scene work… better. Forget that boring, knight swings sword, or thug makes fist fly crap. Throw in daggers, somersaults, and dragons for all people know they exist. But this is your creation. BE RIDICULOUS! I keep having to use spell check on that R word. But keep your fights unreal. It could add flavor to an otherwise, Yawn, plot.

Hell yeah I'm hood as I wanna!

Most importantly, let your characters be a part of you. In person I think I’m too nice. But when I write, the evils I create are amazing. Just wait, you’ll see in a few months. My female characters are always dynamic because I love powerful women. The male characters are a diverse because I hate the prolific heroes and I like the dangerous type. The object here is, you now have to take on the role of the powerful, the meek, the wise ass, and the prankster. you get into their character and you play the role out in every aspect because only you know them. When you’re writing you become an actor / tress it is that simple. You play the part of man, woman, child, and animal because without you being them they don’t become anything. Yes, that means the extras too. And yes, sometimes as a man you do become a diva too, how else are you going to create dynamic characters. Leads to a better understanding of people though. And it leads to some very interesting conversations.

So create something soon and let me know what you come up with.

One Love and Blessings.

Kevin Allen

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