What does it take to write? A lot of people ask that question when they consider writing. They may see the words in front of them and wonder how the writer came up with it. But if you really think about it most people verbalize more words in one day than most people will write over their lifetime. Why am I using that example? Simple; to illustrate that writing is no more difficult than speaking, in a sense anyway.

The ease of using words is something people often overlook when they start thinking about writing. Everything may seem a bit jumbled because of the words they see. It may even be caused by the context of the combined words. But I assure you, writing is no more difficult than speaking. After all, it is the very same thing in a sense. It is simply espousing words except in a non-verbal way and takes the pressure off speaking. In fact, writing has one advantage that you can’t have when you speak. The ability to go back and edit before people see or hear what you have to say.

Think about it his way. What writing does do for people however is offer new ways of doing things. And I mean things from earning money to delivering speeches. Why not put something on paper today. If you need help just ask I’m almost always willing.


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